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Why Rene? Rene has over twenty years of experience in providing career counseling and development to adults, ages 18 - 70+. She received her Masters Degree in Human Relations and Counseling from Ohio University and her Doctorate in Counselor Education from the University of Massachusetts. She is a member of NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science.


Rene's own career has provided her with a richness of experience and knowledge that she brings to her coaching relationships.  As a full-time consultant for the past nine years, Rene has worked with Fortune 500 companies primarily in the area of leadership development where she has coached individual leaders, created development plans, designed leadership initiatives and programs, delivered training in leading individuals and teams, and co-created and implemented an Assessment Center for Leadership.  Her work in Higher Education, prior to her consulting career, involved several years of career and personal counseling, management of organizational units ranging from l0 to 30+ people, and designing and implementing several staff development programs for organizational units and teams.  In addition, Rene has been a graduate faculty member at Antioch New England University, the University of Massachusetts, and the University of Hartford where she specialized in teaching courses in human resource development, applied group dynamics, consulting and training, career development and women and leadership.


Throughout her career - as a manager, career and personal counselor/coach, teacher, and consultant - Rene has always been practicing her craft of helping individuals and groups create their "Authentic Lives".  She partners with individuals to support them in living a life that they choose, focused on celebrating who they are in the present and supporting them in living everyday as the person they choose to be.  Rene draws from a variety of perspectives, assessments, career/coaching models to provide customized service to each one of her clients. 




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