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Build a Strong, Focused Team

"Rene came in during the early "formative" years for our 
Corporate Strategy Team.  
We were successful managers - not facilitators,
 not particularly effective team members or team builders.  
For us to successfully lead the tremendous change work ahead of us, 
it was imperative that we build our skills in the areas of facilitation and team building.  
Rene Carew was fabulous! Knowledgeable, experienced, energetic.  
She made a significant contribution to my personal development, 
the evolution of our corporate leadership team, and in the end, 
the overall major change work in our company"   
Mike J. Brost, VP Organizational Services, JEA, Jacksonville, Florida


In todayís economy itís sometimes difficult to motivate employees and to reward them for their time, effort, and results! Why not give them a boost with a day of teambuilding activities that will:


Increase their skills in teamwork


Give them a chance to have some fun and relax with one another


Understand one anotherís communication styles


Revisit and Revitalize teamís mission


Celebrate the roles that people have in carrying out team mission


Identify new roles that are needed in your team


Assess team's success in: 

making decisions, 


problem solving, 


managing conflict in our team, 


communicating with one another,


running meetings efficiently

Through exercises and information on what makes teams work - participants will have an energizing and inspiring day of building a strong, focused team while strengthening connections with one another.

Rene Carew, Ed.D, is known for her ability to create a supportive learning community and take people from confusion to clarity Ė and have fun along the way! She has over 20 years of experience in working with individuals and groups in the area of career development.

To arrange YOUR teambuilding day, e-mail or call Rene at 413.253.5653 




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