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Give Yourself the Gift of Coaching

Coaching is an action oriented partnership that focuses on where you are today and how you can reach your goals.

Partner with a coach to:


Establish clear and achievable goals that will help you create your desired life!


Learn to hold yourself accountable for specific actions to achieve your goals.


Clear away the obstacles and stumbling blocks.


Experience RESULTS

In addition a Coach can help you to:


Gain Perspective on the Impact of your Behavior


Open up Different Methods for Problem Solving


Fully Utilize your Natural Strengths and Talents…….


Make better decisions

Rene specializes in:


Life Coaching


Career Coaching


Leadership Coaching (developing your leadership competencies and ability to grow your business)

Working with Rene Carew as your coach, you will benefit from her years of experience as a coach, manager, corporate consultant and trainer.  Rene has a profound ability to listen deeply and to provide insight.  She is very down to earth, and is able to bring perspective through her laughter and humor.  Rene will keep you on track with your goals, provide methods and models for understanding and exploring ways to structure goal accomplishment, and keep you focused on actions to achieve your goals.

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